Video Footage Shows 12-Foot Alligator in New Florida Home

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The large reptile did thousands of dollars’ worth of damage

Building a new home often comes with a host of unexpected issues, but a large intruding alligator is not likely to be one of them, unless the home you’re building is in south Florida.

A roughly 12-foot-long alligator was recently discovered hanging out in the master bedroom of a newly constructed home in Charlotte County, Florida.

Matthew Goodwin, the construction site supervisor, filmed crew members removing the glass doors so a trapper could pull the alligator out of the room without damaging them.

“The window blind installer located the gator before everyone arrived,” Goodwin told WKMG. “He then told the construction manager David Davis, and he in turn, called me over. I was busy and didn’t want to go, it was Monday, and he stated this is more important than what I was doing and to get over here. I go look in my house and there was the 12-foot gator!”

Jennifer Seward-Goodwin, Goodwin’s wife, told News 6 that they believe the alligator entered the home during a cold front that had moved through the region, and the wind closed the door behind it.

The video shows the unhappy gator performing numerous death rolls as it was dragged out of the house and across the property. WKMG reports the reptile was relocated to another area.

Goodwin said the alligator caused $2,500 to $3,000 worth of damage to the home.

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