Video Footage Shows Small Dog Narrowly Escaping Coyote Attack

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The coyote snuck up on a man and his dog during their nightly walk

A neighbor’s home surveillance camera captured the moment a coyote attempted to attack a small dog as it was taking a walk with its owner down a street in Mira Mesa, California.

The dog’s owner, Brian Kramer, told ABC 10 News the situation could have been much worse.  

“I’ve been taking her out for a nightcap, you know, between 10 and 11 for about a good year, and I was never worried about anything,” Kramer said. “I brought her and let her go into the yard here. We had just started walking in that direction. And then the coyote apparently snuck up on the other side of the street here and just about had her for lunch or for dinner, I should say.”

Kramer said it all happened so fast and he’s just grateful his little dog, Delilah, wasn’t hurt or killed.

“The coyote missed its intended target, or maybe I startled it at the last minute. I don’t exactly know what happened,” Kramer said. “It all happened like before I even realized more or less. It was just really very fortunate because she could’ve gotten hurt.”

He said he’s keeping an eye out for coyotes from now on. 

“We’re going to try to shift her schedule a little bit to adjust for that. I’m also carrying a stick with me if it’s late and if it’s dark. And I’m keeping my eye out for that sucker.”

Alexander Heeren, a research scientist with the California Department of Fish & Wildlife, said coyote sightings are more common this time of year in Southern California because pups are starting to venture away from their den and people are getting out more thanks to the nice weather. 

“They tend to go out recreate, maybe go hiking, biking, walking their dogs, and because people are more active, they might encounter coyotes as well,” Heeren said.


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