Video of Men Dragging Shark Behind Boat at High Speed Sparks Outrage

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Realblog Week, Day 4!

Welcome to Realblog Week! The Realblog features crazy, interesting and unique outdoor-related stories and events that often make you question everything you know about wildlife and the outdoors. I typically post the Realblog twice a week, but this week, I'm bringing you the Realblog every day! Today I'm showing you a video that will no doubt upset you. As true sportsmen and women, we understand the importance of respecting the creatures we pursue. These guys are obviously not true sportsmen.

Why? What possible reason could the men in the video above have for pulling a shark behind their boat at such a high speed? Simple, these men tortured this shark for their own evil enjoyment. I wonder what cruelties they've inflicted on other creatures.

The footage of a live shark being dragged behind a motorboat at high speeds has gone viral and has triggered thousands of angry social media comments and an investigation by Florida authorities, CBS Miami reports.

In the video, you see a shark, tied by its tail, being dragged behind a speeding boat as it flips and turns violently on the surface. Then you see three men on that boat, laughing as they look back at the shark.

"Look, it's already almost dead," one man exclaims while pointing at the shark.  

The video was originally posted to Instagram by a deep-sea tour boat operator and shark fisherman known as "Mark the Shark." He told CBS Miami the clip was sent to him by one of the men in the video. He said he was also sent a photo showing the dead, mangled shark after it had been tortured. 

"“When I first saw it I almost, like, threw up. It was so horrifying,” he said. "They said ‘Oh, this is pretty cool, look what we did to the shark’ and I go ‘Are you kidding me man?’ and that’s when I instantly reposted it and that’s when all the feedback started coming out. All the people started going crazy and it went viral.”

The men in the video have been identified and officials with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission confirmed to CBS News that they are investigating. 

In a statement, the FWC says it "takes this very seriously and is currently investigating this incident." The statement also said it is "too early to speculate as to what, if any, violations took place in this incident."

So what do you guys think the punishment should be for these men?

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