Watch: Bear Chases Mountain Biker Down Trail

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Some think the bear was running because it was afraid; others believe it was chasing the biker

Drone footage recently posted by Montana Knife Co. on its social media pages shows what appears to be a black bear in close pursuit of a mountain biker.

You see the bear running behind the mountain biker as he pedals down a mountainside trail in Whitefish, Montana. The mountain biker weaves around a turn, while the bear cuts corners as if it’s trying to close ground with the cyclist.

Above the video on its Facebook page, Montana Knife Co. wrote, “A quick reminder that Montana is not Disney Land... Black bear chasing a downhill mountain biker in Whitefish, MT.”

But some commenters on social media have suggested that the bear may actually be running in fear instead of chasing the man.

Michael Addiscott commented, “Another viral video giving wildlife an underserved bad rap. This bear isn’t chasing the rider. It’s running after being spooked, either by the rider himself on a higher switchback, or something else. They just happen to cross paths on their downhill trajectories.”

According to Montana Knife Co., the biker was able to escape the scary situation uninjured.

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