Watch Bear Flee Pen After Pigs Put Up a Fight

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The pair of pigs charged at the bear and stood their ground, sending it back over the fence

A black bear hoping to have pork for dinner was caught on a security camera climbing into a pen with two potbellied pigs in New Milford, Connecticut. But the young bear quickly learned that the pigs weren’t going to be an easy meal.  

Rebecca Shaw, owner of the Vietnamese potbelly pigs, sent the Ring footage to FOX 61.

In the footage, you see a black bear climb into the pen with the pigs. The lighter-colored pig immediately rams the bear when it approaches. Then, the other pig charges the bear and corners it against the fence. The bear retreats, jumping over the fence and out of the pen. It then sniffs around before approaching the pen again.

According to Shaw, bears have been a nuisance for a couple of years and nothing seems to frighten them away.

“Not humans, noises, alarms, etc.,” Shaw told FOX61.

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