Watch Bobcat Chase Squirrel Across Top of Screened-in Patio

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

One Florida woman's screened-in porch gave her a front-row-seat view to a predator in action. 

A video, taken by Michelle Kloese at her home in Punta Gorda Sunday morning, shows a bobcat chasing a squirrel on top of her patio. 

"Woke up to a bobcat chasing a squirrel on our lanai screen!" Kloese said in a caption for the video she shared on Facebook.

Kloese said she watched the squirrel leap off of the screen and onto the ground. It then scurried up a tree as the bobcat followed.

She told News Channel 8 the squirrel managed to escape the bobcat and was last seen crawling across her pool cage around 6 p.m. Sunday night.

So, who were you rooting for, the squirrel or the bobcat?

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