Watch: Bobcat Takes Down Duck on Golf Course

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Golfers playing at Silverleaf Country Club in Scottsdale, Arizona, filmed the hunt

A group of golfers filmed a bobcat stalking a flock of ducks and successfully catching one. According to TMZ, the hunt took place on the 15th hole at the Silverleaf Country Club in Scottsdale, Arizona. In the footage, you see the cat use a sand trap as cover as it moves within striking distance of the ducks. The wild feline crouches below the lip of the deep bunker as it waits for the perfect opportunity.

“Look at this,” a woman says in the video. “They don’t even know he’s there.”

Then the bobcat springs into action, charging up the embankment at the birds. At first it looks as if they all escape, but later in the video, you see the feline lying on the green with a duck in its grasp. As the golfers praise the bobcat for its stealth and hunting skills, it scurries off with the prize in its mouth. 

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