Watch Chihuahua Barely Escape Coyote Attack

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

A man and another dog came to the small canine's rescue

The odds were against her, but a little Chihuahua named Woofie managed to escape an attack by two coyotes thanks to a dog and man that came to her aid when one of the coyotes grabbed her by the neck.

Woofie's owner, Alison Soto, told that her uncle Abraham had let their four dogs out at around 1 a.m. Thursday, July 7, when the coyotes jumped the fence of their Van Nuys, California home.

Surveillance footage shows one of the coyotes grabbing Woofie, a 15-year-old rescue dog, by the neck. The dog let out a yelp and almost immediately you see a man rush to the rescue.

“My uncle was right here. I think my uncle was eating a bread or something and he went after them, throwing the bread at the coyotes,” Soto said.

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Solo's other dog, Duke, also tried to save Woofie from the coyote.

“I’ve seen bears. I’ve seen coyotes, but nothing like this,” she said.

Solo says all of her dogs are fine, but she doesn’t feel comfortable letting them out of her sight.

“She is so lucky. Look at her. Feel like she’s smiling. Yes, she’s lucky to be here.”

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