Watch Coyote Scale Fence to Kill Chicken

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Research shows coyotes can climb fences up to 14 feet high

If you have a 6-foot-tall wooden fence surrounding your yard, you may assume your small pets or livestock are safe from coyotes, but this video footage shows that's simply not the case. 

Security camera footage posted on the Fantastic Backyard Chickens YouTube Channel shows a coyote jumping a 6-foot-tall fence, grabbing a chicken, and then jumping the fence again with the chicken in its mouth.

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Although it did take the coyote three attempts to jump the fence the second time, a 6-foot-fence doesn't pose much of a challenge for the wild canines. In fact, coyotes can even scale a 14-foot-high fence, according to Coyote Rollers Direct, a company that sells 4-foot-long aluminum rollers that attach to the top of a fence and spin when touched to keep coyotes out. 

Studies have show that it's at the 6-foot fence height where they will need to start to use their front feet to get over. They can jump over lower fences without even touching them.

An article on the website states that a coyote's jump consists of two phases. "First, the coyote jumps to grab hold of the top of the fence with its front paws. It then adds to its vertical momentum by pulling on the top of the fence. This allows him to gain extra height. At the same time, he brings his back paws up to the top of the fence. Now, all four of his paws are in contact with the top of the fence. Second, the coyote then uses his back legs to spring off the fence, as he extends his front paws in preparation for landing."

The site says a coyote jump takes less than half a second.

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