Watch Coyotes Chase and Fight Decoy Dogs

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Most pet owners wouldn't want to see their dog in a fight with a coyote, but the dogs featured in the video above are doing just exactly what they have been trained to do as decoy dogs.

The purpose of a decoy dog is to draw the coyotes' attention away from the hunter/caller. Some hunters will send their dogs out to lure the coyotes back to them, while others prefer to keep their dog close and within gun range. 

In the first video clip above, you can see that when the coyotes spot the dog, they begin to act aggressively by pawing at the ground. A smaller gray coyote then moves in to attract the dog and hopefully lure it back to the pack so they can launch a group attack. 

The dog chases after the gray coyote until a big black coyote moves in. The coyote and dog spar for just a second before the coyote moves away and marks its territory as a show of dominance. Text on the video says all four coyotes were later shot by the hunter.

In the second video clip, you can see how a coyote and decoy dog will often chase one another, exchanging dominance throughout the experience. Experienced decoy dogs learn not to chase the coyote(s) for long distances before returning. 

What do you think about using a decoy dog for hunting coyotes? Have you ever used a decoy dog?

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