Watch Deer Crash Volleyball Game

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

A great game of beach volleyball can be hard to resist, even for a young buck.   

Emily Alberts shot this video of a deer crashing a beach volleyball game at Virginia Tech.

The deer actually turned the game into more of a solo soccer match as it kicked and headbutted the ball. You can hear Alberts exclaim, “Pele! World Cup deer!” 

Steve Keighton, another volleyball player, posted video on his Facebook page of the deer from a different angle.  

“Thought we finally found a replacement on the volleyball team,” Keighton wrote, “but alas, this young buck apparently had been watching too much of the World Cup and had another sport in mind. Impressive talent nonetheless!”

The deer pawed and pushed at the ball with its nose before taking off and running in a circle or jumping playfully into the air, much like dogs do when playing with large balls.

“This one either came from a farm or maybe lost its mother at a young age and immediately found friendly people to feed it (and play soccer with it!),” Keighton theorized.

Have you ever encountered a playful deer?

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