Watch: Delaware Man Brings Wild Deer Into Home, Takes It on Car Rides

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The Delaware Department of Natural Resources says the man’s actions are illegal

A Newark, Delaware, man who lured a friendly wild deer into his home and even took it on car rides is seeking a license to keep the deer after the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control (DNREC) informed him that his actions are illegal.

After feeding the wild deer that had been frequenting his neighborhood for a while, Messiah El decided to lure it into his home with a bread trail. He said the young doe quickly made herself at home, and the two have now bonded.

According to, the doe, which El has named Bambi, now comes and goes as she pleases and even plays with his pet pitbull.

“Now, when she comes in the house, she likes to get fed,” El says. “Her favorite spot is the couch. She’ll go over (and) sleep on the couch, wake up and tap on the door when she’s ready to leave. Then she goes back to the woods.”

He says Bambi also taps on the door when she has to go out to use the bathroom.

El even takes the deer on car rides, which he claims she enjoys.

“She kind of acts like another dog in the way that she likes to get attention,” El says. “If a dog or any other animal gets too much attention, she will butt in for her turn.”

After footage of El and Bambi was shared on social media, many have voiced concerns

Michael Globetti, a spokesperson for the DNREC, told Delaware Online/The News Journal that law enforcement had received complaints about footage of El and the deer.

The DNREC contacted El and advised him that “while there are no laws against putting feed outside on private property for deer, it is unlawful for him to bring a deer into his home, which constitutes illegal possession of wildlife — as would having a live deer inside an automobile,” Globetti said.

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