Watch Grizzly Chase Elk in Yellowstone

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

We took our boys to Yellowstone a few years ago in early June. The elk, pronghorn and other herbivores living in the park were having their babies, and the park's bears were enjoying a feast. Let's just say our kids got a good lesson on the circle of life during our time in Yellowstone. We saw a total of 18 grizzly and black bears and many of them were munching on newborn elk calves. 

When I saw this video of a grizzly chasing a heard of elk in Yellowstone's Hayden Valley, it brought back memories of that fun and educational trip. If you've never visited Yellowstone, you should. And, make sure to stop by Hayden Valley at sunrise and sunset for a good chance at seeing grizzlies and other wildlife.

It doesn't look like this bear succeeded in its hunt, but the footage is still pretty cool. 

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