Watch: Home Security Footage Captures Coyote Biting Woman

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The aggressive animal has attacked at least three people

A coyote has bitten several people in northwest Calgary, and one of the attacks was caught on camera.

Nicole Au was pushing her youngest daughter on a bike in her driveway on the evening of June 11 when a coyote ran up behind her and bit her on the thigh.

"I just felt something grab my leg and start pulling and tugging. Turned around, and realized it was a coyote," Au told CBC.

"I never heard anything. They don't make any noise. So, it just shocked me."

Her home’s security camera caught footage of the attack.

"It wouldn't let go. It tugged and tugged. I tried to just slap it away and kick it off somehow. Everything happened really fast." 

Au spent the night in the hospital undergoing blood tests for parasites and will receive further treatment.

"It could have been worse. It could have been my kid, or somebody else's kid," Au said. 

In fact, Au is one of three people attacked and the first of two women to be sent to the hospital by the aggressive animal. The coyote bit another woman outside of her home on June 19.

For weeks, the bold animal has been harassing residents of the Nolan Hill neighborhood. After trying unsuccessfully to haze it, officials for the city of Calgary said on Monday the coyote would be killed once it’s tracked down.

Au says she’s glad to hear the coyote is being tracked down because she’s tired of being afraid of it. "If I need to water my lawn, I need to water my flowers, my husband will come out with me and stand watch now," she told CBC. 

Experts say the coyote may have been acting aggressively in an effort to establish territory after being displaced.

"We do think that the coyote may have been displaced by some development going on in the area," Lincoln Julie, integrated pest management lead for Calgary's parks department, said.

"Because there are other coyote packs in the area with established territory, this coyote has nowhere to go." 

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