Watch Home Surveillance Footage of Cat Fending Off Coyote

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The orange feline escaped by climbing up a post

Security footage captured harrowing video of a cat fending off an aggressive coyote on a home’s deck in Surfside, Texas. 

The footage aired by shows an orange feline attempting to escape from a coyote at a home on Follet’s Island, about an hour south of Houston. Each time the cat tries to flee through the porch rails, the wild canine grabs its tail. On several occasions, the cat turns to face off with the coyote. The cat is eventually able to climb up a post and out of reach of the coyote, which runs off.   

Tony Gray, the home’s resident, said he watched the encounter between the two animals in person.

“You can hear me bang on the door to scare off the coyote. That’s why he ran off,” Gray said. “He was a fighter and luckily the coyote was a skittish pup.”

Gray posted the video on social media, writing “Island life... Someone almost lost a cat.”

Kelly Norrid, an urban wildlife biologist for Texas Parks and Wildlife, said coyotes are common in Houston.

“We’ve been hearing a lot recently over the last few years that coyote numbers are just booming throughout Houston,” Norrid explained.

Gray said he’s amazed at the diverse and healthy wildlife population on the barrier island.

“Surfside is an amazing place, but we need to keep our pets inside and safe,” he said. 

There’s no word on who the cat belongs to or where it went after the coyote encounter. 

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