Watch: Juvenile Bear Bites Man on the Butt During Fourth of July Celebration

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

According to a bystander, the man escaped serious injury

A man celebrating the Fourth of July on California’s Mount Wilson got bitten on the butt by a small bear, and the encounter was captured on camera.

The man who filmed the attack told Fox 11 a small bear appeared from the bushes and charged a group of people who were waiting for the fireworks to start. It nipped one of the men on the behind.

After about a 30-second encounter, several of the men managed to scare the bear away.

Fox 11 spoke with Kenneth Fregozo, who used his blue folding chair to fight off the cub, which had bitten the man who was sitting right next to him.

Fregozo said he didn’t know the man who got bitten, but that he seemed OK.

“There was no skin penetration or anything," Fregozo said. "All you could see was the slobber marks on his shorts and a little bit of redness. I think he just kind of got in his car and left after that.”

He said although no one had snacks out at the time of the bear attack, they all had food in their backpacks.

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