Watch Man on Zoom Conference Call Freak Out Over Squirrel in His Home Office

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The news anchors couldn't help but crack up when covering the story

This hilarious video of a man’s over-the-top reaction to a squirrel that broke into his home office while he was on a Zoom conference call instantly went viral…and for good reason.

The video footage was posted by TikTok user @whoallaureik, who is apparently the man’s wife.

The video, which shows the man screaming and climbing onto his desk with a baseball bat that he swings at the squirrel, has several million views.

The video caption reads, "Just your average conference call."

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The video starts off with the man sitting at his desk and talking on a conference call. Then, he suddenly swivels his chair around and looks around the room before turning and grabbing a baseball bat that’s leaning against a wall.

He then begins screaming and backing away as a squirrel appears.  

The man yells, "Go! Go away!" before he jumps on top of his desk. Of course, the squirrel then jumps toward the desk and the man leaps off. He continues to scream and run around the room before running out the door.

According to @whoalaureik, the squirrel has gotten into the house before.

"The squirrel had been breaking in and then hiding in the chimney for a couple days prior to this," she said in the comments section.

Check out the viewers comments for some funny reactions. Even CBS Chicago news anchors can't help but laugh when covering the story for their news station. 

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