Watch Man Try to Get Two Cottonmouth Snakes to Chase Him

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

When most people see a cottonmouth, they walk, if not run, in the opposite direction. But not this guy. 

Jeremy Davis, who is apparently an expert on this type of venomous snake, posted a video to educate people on just how non-aggressive cottonmouths actually are. 

Davis is obviously comfortable around the snakes and seems to know a lot about them. After trying to entice two snakes to chase him, he takes some time to point out the cottonmouth's identifying physical features. Even though Davis demonstrates that the snakes can be fairly passive, you definitely don't want to mess with one, as they are venomous and people have died from their bites. 

Cottonmouths, which are also called water moccasins, live in the southeastern United States, with a home range spanning from southern Virginia to Florida to eastern Texas. They can be found swimming in swamps, marshes, drainage ditches and at the edges of ponds, lakes and streams. On land, they're found near water and fields.

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