Watch Men Rescue Fawn Stuck in Groundhog Hole

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

One little fawn found itself in quite a predicament last week. It somehow managed to get its lower half stuck down in a groundhog hole. Luckily, Brian Forsburg and his father happened along. 

In the second video of the rescue, the father explains that he originally thought a goat had gotten away, until he got a closer look. 

"I saw this black nose and a couple of ears sticking out," he said. "We had to get a bar and a spade and Brian and I dug him out."

In the top video, you can see that the fawn is wedged tightly in the hole. The two men worked for several minutes to pull it out. 

The said they were able to return the fawn to its mother, which of course remained in the area during the rescue. 

Have you ever rescued a fawn?

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