Watch: Mountain Lion Chases Man Running Down California Trail

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The jogger turned and confronted the cat, which may have prevented an attack

A man was filming the beautiful terrain as he jogged along a trail near California’s Pyramid Lake when out of the corner of his eye he caught movement. Turning to look, he was shocked to see a mountain lion running after him.

According to, Dutch Faro said he at first thought the large animal was a dog off its leash, but when he got a good look at it, he realized it was a mountain lion.

The video footage, captured on Jan. 8, appears to show Faro beginning to run faster, but he then decides better.

Faro told Backpacker he “resorted to [his] primal instincts.” In the video, he turns, takes a few steps toward the cat, and roars at it. Fortunately, the tactic works, causing the lion to turn and run back into the bushes.  

Backpacker contacted Justin Dellinger, a large carnivore researcher for the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, who had not heard about the incident at the time. But after reviewing the video, he said the mountain lion appears to be a subadult, which means it is likely less than 2 years old. He said it was obviously focused on Faro as either a potential meal or a threat to its cubs and that its youth worked in Faro’s favor because it was “likely less experienced in hunting and procuring food.”

Dellinger said the mountain lion likely instinctively pursued Faro because he was running and that Faro made the right choice to stand his ground and look intimidating.

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