Watch: Mounted Deer Head Falls on Man Relaxing in Chair at Home

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Richard Rebollo sustained two puncture wounds from the falling antlers

Richard Rebollo was relaxing in a chair in his southern Arizona home when a large mounted deer head came crashing down on him, injuring his arm and his leg. The scary — and painful — ordeal was caught on his home security camera.

In the footage, you can see Rebollo leaning back with his feet up as he looks at a device in his hands. Without warning, the mount falls, landing antlers first onto Rebollo. Holding his head, he jumps up and begins limping through the room, while his concerned wife, Kristen, asks him repeatedly if he’s okay.  Rebollo asks out loud, “How is that even possible?” before he hobbles back to examine the wall from which the mount fell. He later figured out that leaky windows and heavy rainfall were to blame. 

“The other mounts I have up there were all mounted with lag bolts into studs,” Rebollo said. “There were no studs close enough to mount that one without it being crooked. So I bought a 200-pound threshold drywall anchor and mounted it that way not knowing the window above it was leaking water. Once the water reached the drywall mount, the anchor and mount ripped the drywall away and resulted in it coming down.”

Rebollo said the falling antlers did inflict two puncture wounds — one in his leg and one in his arm.

“I am okay now, but it could have been much worse.”  

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