Watch: Police Officer Helps Free Deer Trapped Under Car

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Another deer crashed through the vehicle’s windshield

One lucky deer managed to escape from beneath a vehicle following an accident in Southfield, Michigan, last week thanks to the help of a police officer.

Officer Charles Becker with the Lathrup Village Police Department was called out to the scene of an accident after a driver hit two deer that darted out in traffic.

“One of them came up over the hood and smashed out her windshield, one of them got trapped under the car right behind the front wheels,” Becker told

After helping the driver who sustained minor injuries to her hands, Becker noticed the deer underneath the car was still moving.

“It was still trying to crawl out of there,” he said. “I know it was having a hard time breathing … trapped under the weight of the car.”

Becker closed down the road and then worked with a tow truck driver to prop up the car’s front wheels to free the deer.

“The deer crawled out on its own and was kind of spooked a little bit,” said Becker. “This one took off on its own power, so that’s always a good thing.”

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