Watch Police Prevent Coyote From Attacking Jogger

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

A coyote attacked and severely injured a jogger in the North Texas neighborhood of Frisco on Wednesday, Nov. 27. The jogger had to undergo surgery for neck injuries and is now in stable condition. Had it not been for a policeman on the lookout, the jogger in the video above would have likely suffered a similar fate.

According to ABC 13, there have been a string of incidences involving an aggressive coyote in the area of Eldorado Parkway. On Oct. 26, a coyote attempted to jump on a runner, but was scared off by a passerby. On Nov. 1, a coyote jumped on a 9-year old child who suffered a minor injury and was taken by a parent to a doctor for treatment. The incident in the video above occurred on Nov. 11. Fortunately, the cop was able to use his siren to scare the aggressive coyote away. Thank goodness he was there.

Police say they are working with wildlife professionals to try to locate the coyote.  

Have you ever encountered an aggressive coyote?

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