Watch Raccoon Chase Woman and Dog Into House

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Animal control says the raccoon was likely protecting its babies

A woman and her dog were out for a walk in their Orlando neighborhood when a raccoon suddenly jumped from a tree in her yard and chased after them.

According to, the raccoon attacked Nykeria Clark’s Yorkie, Jojo, right in front of their home.

“While we were out there, he noticed something in the trees, so he stopped, looked up in the tree, and once I saw him stop and look up in the tree, that’s when I saw a raccoon,” Clark said.

The pair ran to their door with the raccoon chasing closely behind them.

As Clark tried to get in the house, Jojo and the raccoon fought. When she managed to get the door open, the raccoon followed them inside.

“I was basically in like a panic mode, so at that point, I tried to find whatever I could find,” said Clark. “I got a mop, and I tried to scare it off with a mop, and then once I scared it off with a mop, it hid in the blinds.”

Clark called animal services, which took more than an hour to remove the animal.  

She said she took her dog to the vet the same day to get a rabies shot.

She told Fox 35 that animal services representatives believe the raccoon may have been simply trying to protect its babies, which were discovered in a tree the next day.

“That was a big reason why it was so aggressive. She thought we were coming for her, but we really weren’t,” she said. 

Clark says the raccoon tested negative for rabies.

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