Watch: Ring Doorbell Camera Captures Coyote Repeatedly Throwing Itself at Door

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

It joined its pack after a loud noise scared it away

Ring Video Doorbells have captured footage of all types of strange wild-animal behavior, but this video ranks right up there with the most bizarre.

According to Ring’s YouTube page, a man named Max was at home when he heard unusual noises outside his front door.

When he checked his Ring camera footage, he was shocked to see a coyote repeatedly jumping up on his door.

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“My wife reminded me we can check to see what it was on the Ring camera and when we did, we were blown away,” Max recalls. “We have no idea why it was throwing itself at our door. We feel much safer knowing who comes to our door.”

Who knows why the coyote was behaving so oddly? Perhaps it was trying to reach a rodent above the door. The coyote ran off with the rest of its pack, which you can see in the background, when it heard a loud knocking sound.

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