Watch: Shark Feeding Frenzy Shakes North Carolina Pier

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The sharks were feeding on baitfish seeking shelter around the structure

Folks standing on North Carolina’s Surf City Ocean Pier said they could actually feel the pier shake as a feeding frenzy involving more than a hundred sharks bumped against the structure.

Video footage captured of the frenzy was shared on the pier’s Facebook page with the comment, “Sooo, this was/is happening on the end of the pier!”

The video shows sharks thrashing and splashing at the surface of the water as they feed on baitfish. A person can be heard saying, “Earlier, you could feel them hitting the pier. This frenzy isn’t as big as the first one.”

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The Miami Herald reports that according to officials, shark feeding frenzies are “almost a yearly thing” off the 937-foot-long pier. Hap Fatzinger, director of the N.C. Aquarium at Fort Fisher, says the sharks were likely feeding on mullet and menhaden that migrate to warmer waters this time of year. He says a commercial fisherman identified the two species of sharks participating in the frenzy as spinner and flat nose.

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