Watch This Grizzly Bear Emerge From Hibernation

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Video footage captured by a ranger in the Canadian Rockies has gone viral

Not many people will ever see a grizzly bear emerge from hibernation, but a ranger working at a grizzly refuge center in the Canadian Rockies managed to capture the moment on video. She posted the footage on Twitter, and it has since gone viral.    

The large grizzly bear, nicknamed Boo, emerged from his winter den to the elated reaction of Nicole Gangnon, the manager of Kicking Horse Grizzly Bear Refuge in the Canadian Rockies who filmed the event with a mobile device. Gangnon said she had tried unsuccessfully for eight years to document the bear’s emergence from hibernation.

“We’ve always set up trail cameras and our surveillance cameras,” she told the Guardian. “And it just seems like every time he decides to dig out, our technology fails us and we can never capture that moment.”

Boo was born in the wild, but was raised at the Grizzly Bear Refuge on the property of the Kicking Horse ski resort, near the town of Golden, after his mother was killed by poachers.

Boo sleeps in a log cabin den buried under two meters of snow, which also doubles as a makeshift laboratory and is designed to allow researchers to study bear hibernation.

“I was moved to tears that day. With the world so uncertain, it was something I needed. I think it was something everybody needed, to be honest,” said Gangnon. “It’s brought a lot of happiness into people’s world’s right now, when people are isolated. It’s really just helped people to see that the world will still go on.”

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