Watch Video of Coyote Following Doctor Into Hospital, Learn About Georgia's Coyote Challenge

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

There's no question that many states throughout this country are experiencing a coyote problem. The pesky varmints are roaming suburbs, snatching up pets and have even displayed threatening behavior toward people. 

Just watch the video above. A security camera recently captured footage of a sneaky coyote following a doctor into his office in South Carolina.

The coyote followed Steven Poletti, an orthopedic surgeon at the Southeastern Spine Institute in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, into the building early in the morning on Feb. 15.

He said he didn't know the coyote was behind him until they were both inside the building.

"I felt something brush my leg and then turned around," he said. "At first glance, I thought it was a dog."

When the coyote bared its teeth and growled and Poletti took notice of its bushy tail with the black tip, he realized it was a coyote. 

The surgeon shook his keys at the animal and ran back out of the door he'd just walked through with the coyote close behind. He said fortunately, the coyote got distracted by a squirrel and left him alone. 

Although Poletti is confident the animal that followed him into the hospital was a coyote, some say its cream coloring could mean it was a dog, but it does have a coyote's large ears, bushy tail and slim build. What do you think?

This wasn't the only big coyote story in the news this week. 

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources has just announced it's holding the Georgia Coyote Challenge in an effort to stymie the state's rapidly growing coyote population.

The DNR’s Wildlife Resources Division will accept up to five coyote carcasses per hunter/trapper per month from March through August and will enter the person in a monthly drawing for a lifetime hunting license.

DNR Commissioner Mark Williams told the Ledger-Enquirer, “Currently, scientific research suggests that removal of coyotes during the spring and summer is the most advantageous time to reduce the impact of predation on native wildlife. We want to encourage coyote removal efforts during this critical period.”

Do you hunt coyotes? Does your state host a coyote-hunting contest? If you live in Georgia, do you plan to participate in this contest?

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