We Want Your Camo Prom Dress or Tux Images


Prom season is fast approaching. Have you picked out your camo prom dress or tux yet? If so, email a photo of you (with or without your date) in camo prom attire to rteditorial@gmail.com for a chance to be included in the Realtree.com Camo Prom Photo Essay. You can send us pics from proms of the past or images of you in your 2013 prom attire. Include your name, school and state so we can post that info in the caption below the image.

Ladies, if you haven't selected that perfect camo prom dress, it's not too late. Check out Realtree camo formal dress selections for a variety of patterns and styles that fit to flatter. We can't help you find a date, but we can definitely help find you a dress. 

So, do you plan on wearing camo prom attire this year? Guys, would you like for your date to wear a camo prom dress?