Welcome To the Realtree Trade Show Booth


The Realtree trade show booth is big, really big – I'm talking bigger than my house. Its immense size is a good thing for me because I can usually spot the booth in the distance and find my way back when I’m lost on the SHOT Show floor. This happens quite often.

The log-cabin-style booth spans 4,800 square feet, and at its highest point, is 24 feet tall. It's so large, it must be outfitted with a sprinkler system to meet code. Putting the booth together for the shows takes a team of at least six men approximately five days. It’s no easy task, but they have it down to an exact science.

With numerous meeting rooms, as well as cozy furniture for relaxing, the booth becomes the Realtree team’s home away from home during the trade shows. It even boasts some of the qualities of home, including crown molding, ceiling fans and tons of pictures – 220 framed pictures to be exact. As you’ll see in the video, we also have a snack room, which I visit frequently each day because the trade show cookies and brownies rock.

The first time I saw the booth, I was in awe of its size and the attention to detail, as I'm sure you will be too. Although the video can’t capture the immensity of the booth, it’ll give you some idea of its scale and grandeur.