Wisconsin Couple Films Bobcat Taking Down Buck in Woods Behind Their House

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Once the cat killed the deer, it appeared as if it was unable to drag it away

When a couple in Onalaska, Wisconsin, was alerted to some commotion outside by their barking dog, they got to witness and film a remarkable battle between a deer and a bobcat.

The footage, posted on the teamzlabek YouTube channel, begins with written commentary that sets the scene. 

“Our dog ran to the living room window and started barking. I saw what looked like a deer rolling down the hill. I started recording. Commentary courtesy of my lovely wife.”

It then switches to a video of a deer in the woods struggling to stand. At first, it’s unclear what has hold of the deer, until it finally jumps up and runs into the clearing with a bobcat in pursuit. 

You can hear the man’s wife excitedly exclaim, “What is that? It is a bobcat. It is totally a bobcat!”

The footage cuts off as the bobcat lunges at the deer and then resumes with the cat trying to drag the dead deer away. It looks as if the bobcat is unable to move the deer through the thick snow. Neighbors end up toting the buck’s body back into the woods as the bobcat looks on. 

Despite their small size in comparison with deer, bobcats are known to take down adult deer. In fact, a simple Google search will provide numerous video examples of bobcats attacking and killing adult deer, usually by biting and holding on to their throats.

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