Wisconsin Man Rescues Doe by Pushing Her Across Frozen Reservoir

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Gil Lencour said he didn’t think twice about saving the stranded deer

A Wisconsin man braved thin ice to save a doe stranded in the middle of a frozen reservoir.

According to USA Today, Gil Lencour spotted the deer in Cranmoor last Tuesday. He’d planned to use a leash to pull her to safety, but when she kept falling while trying to stand, he decided to use both hands to calm her down.

“I just kind of put my hands on her and started pushing,” he said. “I could slide her across the ice and just kept going and got to the shore and she took off.”

His friend John Moss captured footage of the rescue once he was sure Lencour had things under control. 

Lencour said he didn’t think twice about rescuing the stranded deer.

“She needed to get off the ice and I was the only one around to help her,” he said.

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