Woman Uses Shovel to Defend Dog from Coyote Attack

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Connecticut officials say the large wild canine is responsible for killing another family’s dog

A Stamford, Connecticut, woman used a shovel to fend off a large coyote as it attacked her dog earlier this month. Animal control officials say the coyote has already killed another family’s small dog.

According to CBS2, Karen Danks was with her dog, Dakota, in her backyard when the coyote attacked, biting the dog’s back.

Danks picked up the shovel and started swinging.

“I had it and went like this. I threw it at it. I hit it first. And then, when I threw it, I just had it like this,” Danks said, demonstrating her hold on the shovel. “It came right at me. It’s not afraid.”

Danks’ security camera has captured footage of the coyote in her yard time and again.

“This thing comes here every night and it’s terrorizing our whole entire neighborhood,” Danks said.

Stamford Animal Control said coyote sightings are common, but the agency has applied for state permits to set traps for this particular aggressive coyote.

Of course, where there’s one, there are often more.

“There’s definitely more than one. We’ve seen them together,” said Rachael Secovine.

She said she spotted a pack of three coyotes in her yard while out with her puppy, and she’s prepared to scare them away if she encounters them.

“We’ve heard from animal control that carrying airhorns, making loud noises, will help to scare them away, so I keep this [airhorn] with me whenever I take him for a walk,” she said.

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