Wyoming Hunter Accidentally Shoots Himself While Fighting Off Grizzly

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

The man's son called for help with a handheld satellite emergency notification device

A Wyoming hunter is recovering after accidentally shooting himself in the leg while fighting off an attacking grizzly bear.

NBC News reports that Lee Francis, of Evanston, and his son were hunting in Rock Creek, south of Grand Teton National Park, on Friday evening, October 22, when the bear attacked.

Francis "was able to draw his handgun and fired several rounds, which caused the bear to disengage and flee; however, one of the rounds struck Lee in the lower leg,” an official from the Sublette County Sheriff’s Office said.

Francis’ son called for help with a handheld satellite emergency notification device and rendered first aid to control the bleeding.

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A helicopter took Francis to University of Utah Hospital in Salt Lake City. He was discharged on Monday.

The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is investigating the attack and searching for the grizzly.

This was the second grizzly attack this month reported in Wyoming. On October 15, a grizzly attacked and mauled two college wrestlers who were shed hunting in Shoshone National Forest.

According to wildlife officials, there’s been a large amount of bear activity in the area of the Shoshone National Forest attack, as well as in western Wyoming.

"Game and Fish will continue to monitor bear activity in the area and work with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to make management decisions in the best interest of public safety," Dan Smith, an agency supervisor, said in a statement.

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