Yellowstone Visitor Films Wolf Pack Chasing Elk

By author of The Realblog with Stephanie Mallory

Nick Zimmer had been searching for the Wapiti Lake wolf pack all day

Nick Zimmer had spent the day in Yellowstone National Park looking for the Wapiti Lake wolf pack with no luck. But his fortune changed after dark when he spotted shadows moving toward the road he was driving down. Not knowing for sure what he was about to witness, he whipped out his camera to record whatever animals were headed his way.

“Right around the corner, I saw shadows moving very quickly and towards the road,” Zimmer wrote in his YouTube post of the video footage. “So all I could think to do was grab my phone and record whatever animal was running towards the road.”

He said as more and more wolves ran across the road, he realized it was the wolf pack he’d been looking for all day.

“They continued to chase the elk and actually (took) it down about 70 yards off of the road. Being the only one there, it was so quiet around that you could actually hear the wolves panting after a long chase.”

Zimmer wrote that he could barely see the wolves in the darkness but stayed to watch and listen to them eat their fresh kill.

“I have spent many days in the park tracking wolves but have never had an experience like this. Once in a lifetime sighting.” 

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