Zombies Invade ATA


My routine is a bit different today. Instead of taking care of kids and sitting in my office typing up gear guides, etc. for Realtree.com, I’m walking the floor at the 2013 ATA show in Louisville, KY. This is Day 1 of the show, and as always, the place is bustling with folks displaying and checking out new archery gear for 2013. Bows, treestands, blinds, game cameras, zombies… you know the usual. OK, so zombies used to not be part of the standard ATA gear lineup, but with the pop culture popularity of the undead, it’s no longer odd to see a zombie archery target on display with whitetail, pronghorn, bear and other bowhunter quarry.

Even though I’ve never fully understood the whole zombie craze, I must admit I couldn’t help but stop and admire Delta Target’s salute to the ghoulish fetish, Undead Fred. Sure, he’s a little pale and bloody. You can see a few of his ribs and part of his mouth is missing, but he has really nice cheekbones and a great head of hair. Apparently others find him appealing as well. According to Jen Kresser, president of Delta Targets, they have a hard time keeping up with the demand. 

“When we first got them in, we couldn’t even keep them in stock,” she says. “They’re extremely popular. People just love zombies, and their love extends to Undead Fred.”

Undead Fred isn’t the only unusual item on display at the show. I’ll be updating you throughout my stay on the interesting and strange things I come across. We will also be featuring a photo essay of some of the great new archery products for 2013.

So, what do you think about the zombie craze? Do you own a zombie target?