Timber 2 Table Wilg Game Recipes

7 Wild Game Dinners for Valentine's Day

By author of Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes

Avoid the crowds and have a perfect date night with these favorite Timber2Table recipes

Forget to make reservations at your significant other’s favorite restaurant, and now they're all booked up for Valentine’s Day? Never fear. Rummage through your freezer for some wild game, fire up some candles, and make it a night in with one of these Timber2Table recipes.

Backstrap medallions topped with beer cheese sauce.

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1 | Pan Grilled Backstrap Topped with Beer Cheese Sauce

It's hard to go wrong with pan-seared backstrap. Top it with beer cheese sauce for a sure hit. 


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Classic Italian rigatoni made with ground venison.

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2 | Baked Venison Rigatoni

An Italian favorite made with venison. 


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Pan seared mallard duck sous vide cooked and pan seared in duck fat.

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3 | Sous vide Orange Ginger Mallard Pan Seared in Duck Fat

Have a plucked duck in the freezer? Break out the sous vide cooker and make this recipe. 


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Turkey poppers stuffed with apricot and cream cheese

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4 | Apricot and Cream-Cheese-Stuffed Wild Turkey Poppers

Sweet and savory combine in these apricot-glazed wild turkey poppers. 


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Wild turkey Parmesan.

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5 | Wild Turkey Parmesan

Another easy-to-make Italian classic, this time with wild turkey.


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Honey pecan-topped butter braised quail

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6 | Honey Pecan Butter Braised Quail

Have a few quail breasts stashed? Braise them and top with this honey-pecan mixture. 


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Potatoes cooked in duck fat stacked with venison backstrap

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7 | Backstrap Medallions and Duck Fat Potatoes Stack

A potato has no better friend than duck fat. Rich buttery potatoes surround perfectly cooked backstrap for this one. 


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