Timber 2 Table Wilg Game Recipes

Part 2: Weston Realtree EDGE Processing Equipment

By author of Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes

The list continues with meat slicers, jerky-making gear and more

In Wednesday’s Timber2table post, I introduced the all new Realtree EDGE lineup of game-processing equipment from Weston. Trouble was, I didn't have enough space to cover everything. Check back with that post for a peek at the Vacuum Sealer, Clow Cooker and Meat Grinder. In today's post, we'll go over the rest of the new line, too. Don’t forget, as an introduction to the new EDGE line, Timber2Table readers get a 25% discount when they use the code WestonRE at checkout.

Don’t forget, as an introduction to the new EDGE line, Timber2Table readers get a 25% discount when they use the code WestonRE at checkout.

Weston Realtree EDGE Meat Slicer

We use our meat slicers all the time for making sliced roast, smoked venison, wild turkey breast for deli-style sandwiches, and even home-cured bacon. It seems like our slicer is always on the counter.

The Weston Realtree EDGE Meat Slicer is perfect for jerky, deli-style meat slices, and home-cured bacon.

The Weston Realtree EDGE 7.5” Meat Slicer is the perfect size for the home processor. Besides the already mentioned sandwiches and bacon, we use our slicer to turn whole roast into even jerky slices in minutes. This slicer features a powerful 200-watt motor, adjustable thickness settings, a razor-sharp and easily removeable 7.5-inch blade, an easily gliding tray that flips out for cleaning, and a protective food pusher to keep your fingers safely away from the blade as you cut.

The slicer stays rock solid as you work thanks to the suction cup feet that attach to your work surface, and it comes with a custom Realtree Edge cloth cover for those times when it's not in use. 

Each piece comes with its own EDGE cover to keep it clean when not in use.

Weston Realtree EDGE 2-in-1 Jerky Slicer and Meat Cuber/Tenderizer

Like jerky? We do too. Anyone who has ever tried to hand-slice a venison roast for jerky knows how hard it is to get nice, even-thickness slices. And if you make a lot of jerky, you know that uneven thicknesses in your meat slices mean that some of your jerky isn’t getting enough marinade, while some may be getting too much. Drying times will be all over the board.

The Weston jerky slicer turns your venison into uniform jerky strips ready for drying.

This Weston jerky slicer solves all of that. With sturdy cast-aluminum construction and razor-sharp blades, simply drop a large piece of venison roast into the hopper, give the handle a few cranks, and watch the even jerky slices pile up. The stainless-steel fingers guide the meat evenly through the slicers, resulting in perfectly uniform jerky.

Just drop in the venison and crank the handle.

Got a hankering for country-fried venison steak? Simply swap out the jerky attachment, drop in the meat cuber and turn even the toughest steaks from that old buck into fork tender cutlets. All you have to do is season, dredge in flour, and drop into hot oil in a cast-iron skillet.

The 2-in-1 Slicer is easy to disassemble for easy cleanup and comes with its own custom cover in Realtree EDGE Camo.

Weston Realtree EDGE 6 Tray Digital Food Dehydrator Plus

Once you have all of that jerky (or fruit, or vegetables, or garlic, etc.) sliced, you are going to need a good dehydrator to turn it into jerky.

The Weston Realtree EDGE 6 Tray Food Dehydrator Plus features six dishwasher-safe trays that combine to form a whopping 7.4 square feet of drying surface. That’s enough space to keep an entire deer camp stocked with jerky.

The Weston Realtree EDGE dehydrator features six trays for large drying jobs.

The dehydrator has a digital temperature controller that ranges from 100 to 160 degrees Fahrenheit so that you can perfectly match your drying temperature to your project. The dehydrator features a 48-hour timer with auto shut-off so you don’t have to babysit it all day, and it won’t over dry your jerky.

The digital thermostat makes controlling drying temperatures easy.

Want to make fresh, healthy fruit roll-up snacks for the kids? The Weston dehydrator comes with solid sheet inserts to spread the fruit puree over for a mess-free job. Want to dry your summer garden herbs to use year-round? It also comes with a mesh insert sheet that will hold and dry even the tiniest of herbs. Like all of the products in the new EDGE line, the dehydrator comes with a custom EDGE cover to keep it clean when not in use.

Weston Realtree EDGE 7 Lb. Vertical Sausage Stuffer

Really into summer sausage, bratwurst, or snack-stick making? This 7 Lb. Vertical Stuffer is the tool for you. Featuring a large hopper that tilts for easy loading, dual-speed gears that offer both fast up and down for loading and unloading and slow and steady pressure for even filling, this stuffer will turn a large pile of ground meat into sausage in a hurry. With three sizes of metal stuffing tubes and a heavy-duty crank, this stuffer will give even the most serious sausage maker years of hassle-free performance.

Fill your sausage casings in a hurry with this Weston vertical stuffer.

As with all the tools in the Weston lineup, the stuffer disassembles quickly and easily for cleanup once the job is complete. It also comes with a custom Realtree EDGE cover for those times when it's not in use. The upright, vertical design gives this stuffer plenty of capacity without taking up a ton of shelf space.

The stuffer comes with three sizes of tubes for everything from snack sticks to summer sausage.

Weston Realtree Outfitters 10 Piece Game Processing Knife Kit

What do you need before you can use any of the tools we’ve listed in this guide? A good set of knives to break down the game animal in the first place. Weston has you covered with this 10-piece kit featuring stainless-steel knives with heavy-duty riveted handles, a cleaver, game shears and a meat saw. It all packs away neatly in the molded carrying case, keeping your equipment organized and together when you need it.

All processing starts with a good set of knives.

With hunting season in full swing for most of the country, now is the time to take advantage of the Timber2Table Weston Discount code, WestonRE, and order yourself or someone on your holiday shopping list some new processing equipment.