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Product Review: New Weston Commercial Grinders

By author of Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes

Stronger, faster, more durable, these upgraded Weston grinders are top of the line.

We do a lot of grinding around here. From venison to pork; burgers, tacos, sausage, chili, red sauce, the list of stuff to do with ground meat goes on and on. If you are just grinding a deer or two per year, then look at the Weston Realtree Series Grinder. But, if you grind meat year-round like we do, you might find yourself needing a larger, more powerful grinder.

Loaded with features, the Weston Pro Series will handle even the most hard core home butchers with ease.

If you fall into that camp, then check out Weston’s lineup of commercial grinders. Completely redesigned for this year, the Pro Series of grinders feature even more powerful motors than in the past. Ranging from ¾ all the way up to a massive 2 horsepower, the Pro Series grinders will grind at a blazing six all the way up to a whopping 18 pounds a minute!

The Pro Series handled a venison/bacon blend as fast as I could feed it into the machine.

The Pro Series of grinders feature a permanently lubricated, liquid-cooled motor and steel gears for years of trouble-free service. The folks at Weston are so confident in the new series that they back up it up with a five-year warranty.

The new line also includes several other hand features that prove the designers at Weston actually use the products themselves. A built-in knife sharpener rests on top of the motor for quick knife touch ups while cutting up the meat to feed the grinder. Soft rubber feet protect surfaces and provide a solid, non-slip platform. Tray-nested accessory storage keeps everything with the grinder, eliminating the need to search for attachments when you need them. An included dust cover slides over the tray to keep everything clean between work sessions. The stainless-steel grinding knife should hold up to years of use.

The grinder mounted knife sharpener keeps your blade sharp while cutting up meat for the grinder.

If you like to make sausages and snack sticks from your game meat, the Pro Series includes a Sausage Stuffing Kit with a set of three funnels: 20mm, 30mm and 40mm in size, as well as a 10mm Snack Stick funnel and high-speed auger with a stuffing star/spacer for churning out sticks in a hurry. All of the sausage-stuffing accessories fit in the tray top storage area.

All attachments fit in the handy tray top holder so that they are always on hand.

Recently, the folks over at Weston sent me one of the new Pro Series grinders. To test it, I ran 10 pounds of venison through with three pounds of bacon for our favorite burger grind. The powerful motor made short work of the task, grinding the meat faster than I could keep it fed. I was impressed that the motor stayed cool during the process, which kept the meat cool, making for a better grind. In my opinion, anyone needing a serious grinder will be very satisfied with the new line.

Clean up after the grind was a breeze. The included stomper features a notch on one end that hooks onto the grinding plate and auger, allowing you to easily pull it free from the frame.

If your plans include a new grinder in the near future, give the Weston Pro Series a look. You won’t be sorry.