Timber 2 Table Wilg Game Recipes

Timber 2 Table Top 7 Bowl Game Appetizers

By author of Timber 2 Table Wild Game Recipes

If you are looking for a Super appetizer for an upcoming Bowl game, try one of these Timber 2 Table favorites.

Need a wild-game appetizer for an upcoming big football game? Try one of these Timber 2 Table wild-game recipes. They are time tested, easy to make, and will be a hit with hunters and non-hunters alike at your get together. 

Venison Cheesy Mac Egg RollsEasy Venison Wellington Bites RecipeGround Venison Lasagna Dip RecipeBuffalo Fried Squirrel RecipeCrushed Potato Chip Crusted Fried Wild Turkey Strips RecipeVenison Jalapeno Cheez It Meatballs RecipeVenison Meatballs with Bourbon Cranberry Sauce Recipe

1 | Venison Cheesy Taco Mac Egg Rolls Recipe

Egg rolls stuffed with cheesy mac venison. Enough said. 

2 | Easy Venison Wellington Bites Recipe

Easy to make, delicious, and with a look that will impress your guests.

3 | Ground Venison Lasagna Dip Recipe

A good dip is hard to beat while watching the game. This one packs the flavor of lasagna into a cheesy dip everyone will love.

4 | Buffalo Fried Squirrel Recipe

Forget the wings. Once your friends try this Buffalo-style fried squirrel, they will never want chicken again. Just tell them it's chicken of the trees. 

5 | Crushed Potato Chip Crusted Fried Wild Turkey Strips Recipe

Chips are game-day essentials. Crush up your favorite brand and use them to coat these wild turkey breast strips before frying. The resulting crunch and flavor will make this one of your favorite ways to cook wild turkey.

6 | Venison Jalapeno Cheez It Meatballs Recipe

These meatballs pack the cheesy flavor of Chees-It crackers as a binder with the heat of jalapeno slices. Cook them up on the Traeger Grill before the game. 


7 | Venison Meatballs with Bourbon Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Want a different twist on venison meatballs? Try this sauce made with bourbon and fresh cranberries.