Tony Smotherman

Tony Smotherman has been in the Hunting Industry for many years, covering all aspects of outdoor media. He started his pursuit to be in the Industry as an outdoor writer in his early 20’s and later owned and operated his home state's largest outdoor publication, Tennessee Outdoor News. Not slowing down, he ventured into TV as a videographer for several years before stepping in front of the camera lens. He has hosted shows on the Outdoor Channel and Sportsman Channel in the last 15 years and they include Born to Hunt TV, High Places, The Hit List, and lastly, his own show, a nickname he has carried for years, Travelin’ Hunter.

Tony has always been an adventurous person and very passionate about the outdoors. Today he works in his full-time position at BPI Outdoors, parent company to CVA and Bergara Rifles. There he has the title of “Head of Influencer Relations” and under that fancy title he handles the relations between the two huge Industry Brands and their pro staff members, outdoor writers, TV show hosts and pro shooters.