Travis "T-Bone" Turner

Over the past 20 years, Travis Turner has gone from the fun-loving T-Bone to one of the most respected archers in the industry. He's earned his status as an ASA and APA Pro shooter, while also winning the 1991 ASA World Championship and several state titles. Through his years as a pro, along with his role as owner and manager of one of the largest archery shops in Georgia, Travis learned the ins and outs of the hunting industry from both the business and personality side of things. And as a result of his hard work, understanding, and passion for the outdoors, Travis has worked his way up the industry ladder to become a leading personality in the industry. As Co-host of Michael Waddell's Bone Collector, Travis is able to represent hunting and archery on a level he never thought possible. And his dream started as an archery shop manager in a small Georgia town. Eventually he began to work on bows for Bill Jordan, David Blanton, and other Realtree pro staff members, which eventually led to his role alongside Jeff Foxworthy as T-bone. "I can't tell you how fortunate I am to be in the position I am today. Growing up as just another country boy in Georgia, hunting was just an outlet to something that I loved. Now it is truly a way of life, and I'm proud to be able to represent other people from around the country who share that dream and passion for hunting." When he is not hunting on behalf of the Bone Collector crew or visiting a retailer for a special event, Travis can be found at his home in Hogansville, Georgia, with his wife Michelle adn their son Archer.

Events and Appearances

Travis makes dozens of appearances each year at various trade, retail, and consumer events. Some of these events include: The Bone Collector Brotherhood Bash, Country Goes Hunting, Buckmasters Expo, National Wild Turkey National Convention, AGLOW National Media Conference, Bone Collector Bash, and many more retail events held around the U.S. Travis also works closely with conservation organizations including Whitetails Unlimited and the National Wild Turkey Federation.

National Spokesperson for Whitetails Unlimited.

TV Shows (hosts & appearances)

Bone Collector and Realtree Roadtrips