Travis "T-Bone" Turner

Travis "T-Bone" Turner is one of the most respected archers and hunters in the outdoor industry.  He earned his status as an ASA and APA Certified Pro shooter, competing on the pro tour for over 15 years, winning the 1991 ASA Archery World Championship, many podium finishes and several state titles during that time.  Through his  years as a pro, along with his role as owner and manager of one ot the largest archery shops in Georgia, Travis has developed long-standing relationships with companies such as Realtree, Hoyt, Bone Collector, and Whitetailes Unlimited.  He serves as archery bow technician for national celebrities, pro athletes, and others in the outdoor industry.

As a result of  his hard work, understanding, and fun loving passion for the outdoors, Travis has become a leading personality in the industry, co-hosting Bone Collector for the Outdoor Channel.  Dedicated to conservation, he serves as national spokesperson for Whitetails Unlimited.

If you would like to book Travis "T-Bone" Turner for a speaking engagement or event, please email him at [email protected].