Trisha Rector

Trisha grew up in northern Kentucky hanging out on their family farm with her dad. She grew up knowing that nothing is handed to you, and you have to work hard for everything you want in life. From riding four wheelers and dirt bikes, to fishing, shooting her bow and guns all year, you couldn’t hide the girls love for the outdoors. Her dad, George, taught her everything she knows.... How to work hard, change oil, work on equipment, take care of the cattle, pour concrete, and ride a bike. The one thing he didn’t teach her was how to hunt. George just couldn’t sit still long enough to do so and never took an interest in it.

George has plenty of buddies that hunt his farm and as young as 7 years old, she would ask every year to go with them. It was not until high school when she really started consistently going hunting with her boyfriend, now husband Patrick. Patrick and his father, Randy, started teaching her everything she now knows about hunting. With a better work schedule than Patrick, Randy was able to spend a lot of time in the woods showing Trisha all the tips and tricks to hunting. 

After killing her first buck with a gun Trisha wanted to challenge herself by harvesting a Whitetail with a bow. On her own she was able to buy her first real hunting bow. It was then that she got back into archery, and hasn’t stopped since. She started religiously bowhunting in 2012 and hasn’t picked up her rifle since. It’s not that she has anything against rifle hunting, she just can’t get past the challenge and rush of hunting with a stick and string. Having those insanely smart  Whitetail deer 20 yards away, and in some circumstances right underneath your stand; is simply exhilarating. Patrick and Trisha started filming each others hunts in 2015 just to be able to reminisce on their hunting memories and shortly after decided to start “Rector’s Reality”. 

Patrick and Trisha started Rector’s Reality to show a real authentic look into their lives not only as hunters but the outdoor lifestyle in general. Interested in anything with a motor, you can find them at the drag strip racing their 1200+ horsepower duramax race truck when they aren’t working on food plots. They started Rector’s Reality because they want to show that being real and staying true to yourself is what it’s all about. 

It has been said many times that she does it all. From diesel trucks, farming, riding moto, racing, being a second amendment enthusiast, to fishing and hunting she always has and always will enjoy the great outdoors. 

But, there is nothing she enjoys more than learning how to outsmart Whitetail with her bow in hand.