Colette Coursey's Trophy

Name: Colette Coursey

Location: Elk , Kansas

Harvest Date: March 20, 2017

Weight: 235

Points: 11


I had the privilege & blessing to harvest this beauty on 11/11/16 with my Strothers Hope Bow during the rut. Using G5 Striker 100gr. broad-heads w/Easton excel arrows and Tru-fire release, I took the shot at 21 yards & it passed through this stud like butter. I almost thought I undershot him because I heard the leaves rustle beneath & behind him. he whirled, trotted 30 yards back the way he came, as I got ready to grab another arrow thinking how could I have missed him, he turned back and looked over his left shoulder like what just happened, then took one step and dropped. I've never been more pleased.