Emily Schaad's Trophy

Name: Emily Schaad

Location: Morgan , Ohio

Harvest Date: November 8, 2017

Weight: 204 field dressed

Points: 10


I killed this buck at 7:15AM on 11/8/17. He was behind my stand in the dark with a doe in the tall sumacs rubbing on the small trees. He grunted at the doe a couple of times and snort wheezed once but could never see how big he was because of the height of the brush. I finally bleated at him three times and he made his appearance out of the brush. He bumped the doe up and pushed her to the base of my tree stand, but he came so close that I couldn't shoot for several minutes. Finally he turned and moved to about 10 yards quartering away and I made the shot. The buck only went 60 yards and dropped in the hay field. He gross scored 161 1/8!