John Hahn's Trophy

Name: John Hahn

Location: Finney, Kansas

Harvest Date: November 3, 2020

Points: 14


Started this adventure at 5:30am on Nov. 3rd. I Spotted this buck coming out of a bedding area chasing a doe. Spent the rest of the day stalking this deer in a cut milo field in 75 degree weather with a slow south wind. The buck was fighting off other bucks and pushing a doe around in the field all day. I used a HeadsUp decoy mounted to my crossbow to bear crawl closer and closer to him. I spent most of the day at 100 yards from him. I crawled very quickly every time the wind would gust. Each time I did this he would look at the decoy and push the doe the 20 yards away from what I just gained. Finally around 5:00pm I had gained enough ground to get a 60 yard shot. He was facing me and his neck looked bigger then my normal target. I took the shot and he dropped 100 yards away. I received a true Kansas giant, a sun burn, and loads of meat that I will never forget. No matter the temperature outside, the deer are still breading all day long.