Do Turkeys Use the Same Roosts?


Q. I'm starting my turkey period this morning, and I went out and hooted and located a couple of roosting turkeys. Set up and came out of the roost and flew away. I started calling hoping to bring them in, but they never came back. What should I do? Will they roost in the same tree again tonight? Any helpful tips would greatly appreciated. Thanks.


A. Hey Kevin. Thanks for checking in. In my experience wild turkeys around the country often favor the same roosts from year to year. That said, they can also adjust to pressure, and choose other roost sites, often in the same general area.

Here's what I might do: (1) Make your setup where they flew down the last time you were in there. (2) If gobblers are running with hens, try to initiate a conversation with the latter on the chance you might pull the male turkeys in too.

Geography makes a big difference. Some Rios in Texas and Merriam's out west have limited roosting cover (see my S.D. Badlands photo as an example), and tend to stay in those places. They might not have as many options as Osceolas and Easterns.

You can also hunt this area periodically during the season, varying the time of day (I'm a big fan of mid-morning hunts), and find a gobbler alone as hens begin to nest later on.

Good luck!

Steve Hickoff,

(Steve Hickoff photo)