Texas Rios, Adobe Lodge Style


[Friend Skipper Duncan of Adobe Lodge got in touch from Texas before their spring turkey hunts begin with this note and video. It's from 2007, but gives you a good idea of how they hunt 'em down there. --Realtree Turkey Site Manager.]

Amigos –

It is too bad that this film didn’t get here in time to be considered for the Academy Awards.

I am indebted to Revel Rawlings for his efforts in getting this put up on You Tube.

We are now booked full for spring turkey. But we have plenty of deer hunts open, just in case you are already thinking about next fall. Once the spring season begins on April 3, I’ll be posting reports and photos. So check in from time to time to see what is going on. We are having one heck of a wet year – good news for antlers next fall.



More info. on Adobe Lodge: www.adobelodgephotos.com

(NWTF media photo)