Tips for Turkey Hunting Tough Gobblers

By author of Turkey Blog with Steve Hickoff

Have You Tried These Tricks to Tag an "Unkillable" Turkey?

Some spring gobblers are just plain tough. Try these tricks on yours.

© Bill Konway photo

Get Tight

Get tight to its roost tree well before sunrise. Call softly with a no-hands mouth call, if at all, right after the bird flies down (sometimes with others) and hits the ground. Clucks and soft yelps may do the trick. 

Strut Zone

Better yet, if you can nail down the strut zone one day, the gobbler might just come to the location the next morning, and you’ll be waiting.

Fake Out

Decoys may or may not pull this tough turkey in. Sometimes turkey fakes help. Other times gobblers avoid staked hens and gobblers.

Woods Smarts

You may just choose to hang out in that area, hoping this tough turkey crosses your path. Read the land. Pattern the gobbler. For the hunter who likes to get a longbeard fired up and bring it to the calls, this may or may not be a hollow victory.

Gobbler Calls

You can also call like a gobbler (make coarse yelps, roughly three notes long, or gobble, safety considered). During the late-spring transition time gobblers may just want to run with other toms and jakes.

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