Top 5 Scoring Osceola Wild Turkeys

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Let's Look at the Top 5 Registered Osceolas

Osceolas are a hard-gobbling, sharp-spurred, swamp-loving subspecies of wild turkey found only in Florida. There are also Easterns and hybrids along the northern intergrade line.

That said, I love Osceolas and I'll hunt them this spring. For many hardcore turkey hunters, it's the first stop at the beginning of another spring season.

The Top 5 Registered Osceola Turkeys (c) Tes Randle Jolly photo

Let's take a look at the top 5 "typical" Osceolas registered with the National Wild Turkey Federation by hunters.

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Fifth Best

Image 5 of 5

Image 5 of 5

5 | Fifth Best

Lance Vincent, a Floridian, took his No. 5 Osceola way back in April 22,1984. A box call brought it in.

No matter, it's stood the test of time. The total score of 83.5000 included these statistics:

Beard: 11.5 inches. Spurs: 2.0 inches (both). Weight: 20.5 pounds.

Now that's one fine gobbler, and it's only No. 5. Click through for the next best.

Fourth Best

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4 | Fourth Best

Ben Stanford, a visiting Texas resident, took his No. 4 Osceola on March 25, 2004. A box call brought it in, too.

The total score of 83.7187 included these statistics:

Beard: 10.0625 inches. Spurs: 2.0 inches; 1.9375 inches. Weight: 24.2187 pounds.

Now that is really heavy for an Osceola. Click through for the third best.

Third Best

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3 | Third Best

Adrian Woodruff of Georgia took the No. 3 Osceola on March 31, 2001. No call was used.

The total score of 83.7500 included these statistics:

Beard: 13.5 inches. Spurs: 1.9375 and 1.8750 inches. Weight: 18.6250 pounds.

How about that beard length? Click through for the second best.

Second Best

Image 2 of 5

Image 2 of 5

2 | Second Best

Patton Perdue, a Florida resident, took the No. 2 Osceola on April 13, 2008. A mouth diaphragm brought it into range.

The total score of 84.6250 included these statistics:

Beard: 12.2500 inches. Spurs: 2.1250 and 2.1875 inches. Weight: 17 pounds.

Based on spur length, that is one old bird. Click through for the highest-scoring Osceola.

Top Osceola

Image 1 of 5

Image 1 of 5

1 | Top Osceola

Visiting hunter James Lewis of Kentucky, a state known for some pretty darn good gobbler getters, took the No. 1 Osceola on March 29, 2002. A slate call brought it into range.

The total score of 85.000 included these statistics:

Beard: 12.0000 inches. Spurs: Matching 1.8750 and 1.8750 inches. Weight: 23.5 pounds.

(Stick numbers by Bill Konway.)

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